Theories & Suffering

Theories of everything are OK but they do not address suffering, Buddhist quote from Lama Shenpen
Theories of Everything

In the third of four parts, Lama Shenpen answers a student’s question about her Buddhist lecture on “Milarepa And The Shepherd Boy” and the questions she has asked her students: “What can take knowledge itself as an object?”

“Why is recognising the not-self of the dharmas equivalent to realising Buddha Nature?” and “What has this to do with the personal mandala and its true nature as the three Kayas?” View this week’s question and response here:

Each week Lama Shenpen answers a student’s question. The students are studying her ‘Living the Awakened Heart’ Training courses. Become one of Lama Shenpen’s students and ask her a question! Lama loves a good questions. For more information about the training visit: or why not come along to one of our meditation and Buddhism classes in Woolton, Liverpool? All welcome!