Online Meditation Retreat


A meditation retreat from the comfort of your own home

Online meditation retreat for Liverpool Buddhists
A Meditation Retreat in your own Home

A week long meditation retreat with talks and guidance by AHS Teacher Five Cram and an introductory talk by Lama Shenphen. You can read more about the teachings on the main page for this retreat.

If you can’t travel to the Hermitage, you can still participate online, doing the retreat in your own home. The online retreat includes:

– Listening to online to teachings
– Taking part in online meditation sessions
– Discussing the teachings with fellow participants
– Asking a senior mentor questions for advice about your meditation practice

Receiving Transmission of the Formless Meditation Practice from Lama Shenpen by live online transmission

The retreat has a timetable of several meditation sessions each day, as well as a teaching session on most days and sometimes a discussion session. If you’re doing the retreat from home you don’t have to commit to coming to every session. Instead what you’re asked to undertake during the 8 days of the retreat is to:

– participate with live online sessions for at least 16 hours in total

– do 26 hours in total of live online participation and/or meditation on your own
– listen to all the teachings  given at the retreat either, listening live or by an audio or video recording online

On a typical day the following sessions will be broadcast live from the Hermitage:

7.00 am – 8.00 am Meditation

9.00 am – 10:30 am Teaching

11.00 am – 12:30 am Meditation

3.00 pm – 4:30 pm Meditation or discussion

5.00 pm – 6:00 pm Meditation

7:30 pm – 9:00 pm Storytelling & meditation

The retreat begins with an opening talk from Lama Shenpen on Saturday evening, and ends at 10am on Saturday morning.

The  Friday will likely feature a Transmission (in the form of a guided meditation) in the morning, and a Feast in the early evening.

We will broadcast all the sessions of the retreat live by Zoom conferencing. It’s very easy to use, from your computer, tablet or phone.

Doing a retreat at home may sound unusual, especially if you have to fit in a busy schedule and a family. But really a retreat is about making a choice. You set the intention that for this period of time you will be focusing on certain things. You set aside certain periods of the day for meditation and study, and perhaps decide that for this period you won’t do some distracting things that normally you do like to get involved with.

This retreat is principally intended for people who are already enrolled on the Discovering the Heart of Buddhism and Living the Awakened Heart training in the Awakened Heart Sangha. However you can also take part in this retreat if you are considering joining the Living the Awakened Heart training and you have some prior meditation experience. In this case please fill in the booking  form and we’ll get back to you if we’re unsure whether the retreat is suitable for you.

The Sangha does not charge participants a set price for retreats but rather, in accordance with Buddhist tradition, depends on the generosity (dana) of students to cover its costs. Therefore participants are invited to make a donation to the Sangha and an offering to Lama Shenpen.

If you have any questions about this online retreat, please email