The Essence of Meditation

Buddhist quote, the essence of meditation is the confidence to simply be
The essence of meditation practice

“The essence of meditation practice is the confidence to simply be. With no sense that you have to do anything or change anything”. This quote from Lama Shenpen Hookham describes the radical simplicity of the approach taken in Formless Meditation.

Rooted in the Dzogchen and Mahamudra meditation lineages of Tibetan Buddhism the Formless Meditation practice requires us to have the bravery to turn directly towards our experience, good or bad with radical acceptance.

Whether this is the first meditation practice that you learn or one that you come to after years of complex meditations, mantra recitation and visualisation practices, it is the one that cuts to the heart of the matter, the one that we always have to come back to.

To learn more about Formless Meditation in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, join us at our weekly meditation group in Liverpool.