Welcome to the Awakened Heart Sangha in Liverpool. The AHS is a Tibetan Buddhist community led by Lama Shenpen Hookham, who is based at The Hermitage in North Wales, with local groups around the country.

Our members are studying the Living the Awakened Heart Training, a comprehensive, supported, distance learning course in Buddhist meditation, reflection and insight, which is open to anyone with an enquiring mind.

We have weekly group meditation and Dharma practice in Liverpool for sangha members. We’re also planning a public event for early 2019. For more details or to join our mailing list for details of upcoming events, please email: liverpool@ahs.org.uk

Below is a short video of Lama Shenpen explaining the importance of having a trained mentor or teacher in order to learn how to meditate, and the importance of Transmission and Lineage:

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Buddhism includes the ideas of karma and rebirth. This week Lama Shenpen answers a student’s question on the effect of prayer on people who have died, and in particular with connection to karma and it’s results. Lama Shenpen Hookham has over fifty years experience in meditation and as a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism. A Meditation … Continue reading Power of Prayer

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